Queen's Common First Year

Common First Year + Open Discipline Choice: Only at Queen's!

And when you do choose your program, you don't have to worry about caps or quotas. Provided you pass all of your First Year courses, you are guaranteed a place in your engineering program of choice.

Create... Collaborate... Communicate...

To apply your creativity and see it in action… to learn to work together in effective groups… and to tell the world about what you have done. It's what Engineers do in the real world. It's what you will do in Queen's engineering, starting from day one.
Check out your first year courses!


A special extended program for students struggling with First Year courses. Take things at a slower pace and recover in time for Second Year.


The Douglas tutorials offer free one-on-one tutoring from Upper Year students or you can opt for private, fee-based tutoring through the Engineering Society's EngLinks program.

Buddy System

The Engineering Society pairs First Year students with Upper Year students for mentorship, academic help and social events.